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For over 3 generations we have provided the highest quality cuts to nationwide restaurants across the country, and now deliver those same cuts right to your door. 

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Prime Filet Steak
Arete Prime Filet Steak $157.50
Exceptionally tender, our 8 oz USDA Prime Filet Mignon is wet aged for 21 days,hand trimmed and portioned to order. A timeless classic at top-quality steakhouses and fine dining establishment now available directly to your front door. The filet is the most tender cut of beef available, explaining its reputation as a “cut about the rest” Packaging: 4 steaks to an order, cryovaced two steaks to a pack 
Cowboy chop
Capital Meat Company Cowboy chop $37.95
18-20 oz each, the cowboy chop, or bone in ribeye, is a steakhouse classic. Known forits high marbling and exceptional flavor profile, sear or grill this. Packaging: sold individually, cryovaced
Capital Meat Company THE GRILL BOX $82.95
Its SUMMER , fire up that grill! This box is a perfect blend of beef, chicken, and local sausage to take your bbq to the next level.  WHATS INSIDE: 2 packs 6 oz ground chuck patties (8 burgers total) 2 packs DC Bratwurst MeatCrafters  (8 links total) 8 each Bell & Evans 6 oz chicken breast    
Beef Butcher Box Beef Butcher Box
Capital Meat Company Beef Butcher Box $293.95
Includes: 4 New York Strips (12 oz ), 4 Ribeye Steaks (12 oz), 4 Filets,(8 oz), & 5 lbs ground beef Packaging: each item will be cryovaced individually

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Whether it is local family farms or larger commodity companies, we source the best product possible to ensure an amazing eating experience.

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Excellence and attention to detail is always our focus, but equally important in making our customers happy.

There's a reason restaurants come to us. With over 40 years of experience in the wholesale industry, we thought it was time to bring our products to your doorstep.

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Make any meal a special occasion with ARETE. We are here to bring the best quality product straight to your door