All natural chicken breast
Arete All natural chicken breast $11.99
8-11 oz each  Packaging: 3 packs of 2 breasts each.
Beef Butcher Box Beef Butcher Box
Capital Meat Company Beef Butcher Box $174.99
Includes: 4 New York Strips (12 oz ), 4 Ribeye Steaks (12 oz), 4 Filets,(8 oz), & 5 lbs ground beef Packaging: each item will be cryovaced individually
Bison Ribeye steak
Arete Bison Ribeye steak $76.00
8 oz each, New Frontier Bison  Packaging: 4 steaks to an order , individually cryovaced 
Bison Strip Steak
Capital Meat Company Bison Strip Steak $64.99
8 oz each, New Frontier Bison Packaging: 4 steaks to an order, individually cryovaced
Capital Meat Company Bratwurst $7.00
4 oz links, Simply Sausage DC Bratwurst blend Packaging: 1 pack includes 4 links, sold by the pack
Buffalo Chicken Meatballs
Capital Meat Company Buffalo Chicken Meatballs $7.99
Bell & Evans  Packaging: 1 box to an order, frozen
Burger Patties
Capital Meat Company Burger Patties $12.00
Arete propriety blend of ground chuck, brisket and short ribs, 80/20 leanto fat ratio provides a juicy, flavorful patty for grill lovers. Packaging: 4 patties to a pack, cryovaced
Chicken Breast
Capital Meat Company Chicken Breast $29.95
6 oz each, Bell & Evans Packaging: 3 packs of 2 breasts 
Chicken Nuggets
Capital Meat Company Chicken Nuggets $7.50
Bell and Evans chicken air chilled, Antibiotic Free breaded nuggets Packaging: 12 oz Per pack, 1 order = 1 box of nuggets
Chicken Thighs
Capital Meat Company Chicken Thighs $7.99
assorted sizes Packaging: pack of 6 things, bulk cryovaced
Chicken wings
Arete Chicken wings $5.99
fresh chicken wings, uncooked Packaging: 1# pack of wings cryovaced
Cowboy chop
Capital Meat Company Cowboy chop $25.00
18-20 oz each, the cowboy chop, or bone in ribeye, is a steakhouse classic. Known forits high marbling and exceptional flavor profile, sear or grill this. Packaging: sold individually, cryovaced
Capital Meat Company Drumsticks $9.00
chicken drumsticks Packaging: six drumsticks to an order, bulk cryovaced
Filet Medallions
Capital Meat Company Filet Medallions $29.95
  These tender, 2-3 oz filet medallions are cut from the end of a wholetenderloin, similar to a center cut filet. They are perfect for smaller portions, sliders andcook quickly and easily due to their smaller size. Packaging: 2 packs of 4
Filet Steak
Capital Meat Company Filet Steak $74.95
Exceptionally tender, our 8 oz Filet Mignon is wet aged for 21 days, hand trimmedand portioned to order. A timeless classic at top steakhouses and fine dining establishments, now available directly to your front door. It’s the most tender cut of beef available, explaining its reputation as a “cut about the rest” Packaging: 2 packs of 2 each 8 oz filets.