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Premium Butcher Box
Arete Premium Butcher Box $479.95
Great for gifting! This premium butcher box is a step up from our signature box.  Includes: 4 each 14 oz prime strip steaks 4 each 10 oz prime tenderloins 4 each 10 oz wagyu flat iron steaks 2 each 24 oz prime porterhouse chops
Capital Meat Company THE GRILL BOX $82.95
Its SUMMER , fire up that grill! This box is a perfect blend of beef, chicken, and local sausage to take your bbq to the next level.  WHATS INSIDE: 2 packs 6 oz ground chuck patties (8 burgers total) 2 packs DC Bratwurst MeatCrafters  (8 links total) 8 each Bell & Evans 6 oz chicken breast    
Beef Butcher Box Beef Butcher Box
Capital Meat Company Beef Butcher Box $293.95
Includes: 4 New York Strips (12 oz ), 4 Ribeye Steaks (12 oz), 4 Filets,(8 oz), & 5 lbs ground beef Packaging: each item will be cryovaced individually
Poultry Butcher Box
Capital Meat Company Poultry Butcher Box $104.95
Packed with protein! The Poultry box includes 1 Whole Chicken, 5 Breasts, 5 Thighs, 5 lbs Ground Turkey Packaging: 1 whole chicken individually cryovaced, 5 breasts bulk cryo, 5 thighs bulk cryo, 5 lb of ground turkey individually packed in 1 lb bags. 
PLG Butcher Box (Pork, Lamb, Game)
Capital Meat Company PLG Butcher Box (Pork, Lamb, Game) $193.95
The perfect mix of pork, lamb, and game = PLG! Includes: 4 lbs of Local Ground Bison (Frozen), 5 Frenched Duroc Pork Chops (Fresh), and 2 Lamb Racks (Frozen) Packaging : 4 lb of bison individually cryovaced in 1 # increments, pork chops individually cryovaced, lamb racks packed 1 rack to a package