Chicken Breast
Capital Meat Company Chicken Breast $44.95
6 oz each, Bell & Evans Packaging: 3 packs of 2 breasts 
Filet Steak
Capital Meat Company Filet Steak $112.95
Exceptionally tender, our 8 oz Filet Mignon is wet aged for 21 days, hand trimmedand portioned to order. A timeless classic at top steakhouses and fine dining establishments, now available directly to your front door. It’s the most tender cut of beef available, explaining its reputation as a “cut about the rest” Packaging: 2 packs of 2 each 8 oz filets.                                  
USDA Choice Hanging Tender Steak
Capital Meat Company USDA Choice Hanging Tender Steak $58.95
Size: 8 oz Packaging: Individual vacuum seal, Fresh pack of 4
New York Strip Steak
Capital Meat Company New York Strip Steak $97.95
The perfect marriage of flavor and tenderness, strip steaks are right in between a tenderloin and a ribeye as fan favorites. Not quite as fatty as a ribeye, yetmore marbling and flavor than a filet, strips find that perfect balance. Packaging: 4 each 12 oz strip steaks, individually cryovaced 
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Imported  Lamb Rack Chops
Capital Meat Company Imported Lamb Rack Chops $69.95
Size: 14-16 oz per rack Packaging: two 8-bone racks per pack   
USDA Choice Porterhouse Chop 24 oz
Capital Meat Company USDA Choice Porterhouse Chop 24 oz $67.95
The porterhouse steak has a combination of a strip and a filet, and is meant as a steak for 2.... Guaranteed to have everyone at the backyard barbeque talking about this chop! Size: 24 oz Packaging: Individual Vacuum Seal, Fresh