PLG Butcher Box (Pork, Lamb, Game)
Capital Meat Company PLG Butcher Box (Pork, Lamb, Game) $193.95
The perfect mix of pork, lamb, and game = PLG! Includes: 4 lbs of Local Ground Bison (Frozen), 5 Frenched Duroc Pork Chops (Fresh), and 2 Lamb Racks (Frozen) Packaging : 4 lb of bison individually cryovaced in 1 # increments, pork chops individually cryovaced, lamb racks packed 1 rack to a package
Bison Strip Steak
Capital Meat Company Bison Strip Steak $98.95
8 oz each, New Frontier Bison Packaging: 4 steaks to an order, individually cryovaced
Bison Ribeye steak
Arete Bison Ribeye steak $114.95
8 oz each, New Frontier Bison  Packaging: 4 steaks to an order , individually cryovaced 
Venison Rack, Imported
Arete Venison Rack, Imported $104.95
Imported from New Zealand, this frenched venison rack has 8 bones and weights 2.5 lbs Packaging: One rack to an order
Ground Wild Boar
Arete Ground Wild Boar $37.95
Wild boar ground, great for stew or burgers Packaging: Comes by the pack, each pack weights 2.5 lbs 
Wild Boar Rack
Arete Wild Boar Rack $119.95
Wild boar rack - frenched - each rack has 8 bones Packaging: one order includes two 8-bone racks