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Premium Butcher Box
Arete Premium Butcher Box $479.95
Great for gifting! This premium butcher box is a step up from our signature box.  Includes: 4 each 14 oz prime strip steaks 4 each 10 oz prime tenderloins 4 each 10 oz wagyu flat iron steaks 2 each 24 oz prime porterhouse chops
Filet Steak
Capital Meat Company Filet Steak $112.95
Exceptionally tender, our 8 oz Filet Mignon is wet aged for 21 days, hand trimmedand portioned to order. A timeless classic at top steakhouses and fine dining establishments, now available directly to your front door. It’s the most tender cut of beef available, explaining its reputation as a “cut about the rest” Packaging: 2 packs of 2 each 8 oz filets.                                  
New York Strip Steak
Capital Meat Company New York Strip Steak $97.95
The perfect marriage of flavor and tenderness, strip steaks are right in between a tenderloin and a ribeye as fan favorites. Not quite as fatty as a ribeye, yetmore marbling and flavor than a filet, strips find that perfect balance. Packaging: 4 each 12 oz strip steaks, individually cryovaced 
Ribeye Steak
Capital Meat Company Ribeye Steak $98.95
If high marbling and flavor is your thing, look no further! Our 12 oz USDA Choice all natural ribeyes are trimmed and cut to order to ensure the freshest product. Considered the steak with the most flavor and marbling, simply grill or sear and enjoy! Packaging: 4 each 12 oz ribeye steaks to an order, individually cryovaced
USDA Choice Porterhouse Chop 24 oz
Capital Meat Company USDA Choice Porterhouse Chop 24 oz $67.95
The porterhouse steak has a combination of a strip and a filet, and is meant as a steak for 2.... Guaranteed to have everyone at the backyard barbeque talking about this chop! Size: 24 oz Packaging: Individual Vacuum Seal, Fresh
Chicken Breast
Capital Meat Company Chicken Breast $44.95
6 oz each, Bell & Evans Packaging: 3 packs of 2 breasts