Poultry Butcher Box
Capital Meat Company Poultry Butcher Box $104.95
Packed with protein! The Poultry box includes 1 Whole Chicken, 5 Breasts, 5 Thighs, 5 lbs Ground Turkey Packaging: 1 whole chicken individually cryovaced, 5 breasts bulk cryo, 5 thighs bulk cryo, 5 lb of ground turkey individually packed in 1 lb bags. 
Chicken Breast
Capital Meat Company Chicken Breast $44.95
6 oz each, Bell & Evans Packaging: 3 packs of 2 breasts 
All natural chicken breast
Arete All natural chicken breast $17.95
8-11 oz each  Packaging: 3 packs of 2 breasts each.
Whole Chicken (2 per pack)
Capital Meat Company Whole Chicken (2 per pack) $29.95
Whole chicken 3.5 # each , 2 chicken to an order 
Chicken Thighs
Capital Meat Company Chicken Thighs $11.95
assorted sizes Packaging: pack of 6 things, bulk cryovaced
Capital Meat Company Drumsticks $13.95
chicken drumsticks Packaging: six drumsticks to an order, bulk cryovaced
Ground Turkey
Capital Meat Company Ground Turkey $44.95
Pack of 5# (comes in 1# packets individually cryovaced)