All natural chicken breast
Arete All natural chicken breast $17.95
8-11 oz each  Packaging: 3 packs of 2 breasts each.
Bison Ribeye steak
Arete Bison Ribeye steak $114.95
8 oz each, New Frontier Bison  Packaging: 4 steaks to an order , individually cryovaced 
Chicken wings
Arete Chicken wings $8.95
fresh chicken wings, uncooked Packaging: 1# pack of wings cryovaced
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Frenched Tomahawk Chop
Arete Frenched Tomahawk Chop $104.95
The ultimate showstopper, the 32 oz tomahawk chop gets its name for well, looking like a tomahawk. This behemoth of a steak has a long bone and is completely trimmed and frenched. Dry aged 30 days and cut to perfection. Known for turning heads in steakhouses across the globe, plating a tomahawk at your next gathering will ensure a memorable experience Packaging: 1 steak per order, individually cryovaced 
Ground Wild Boar
Arete Ground Wild Boar $37.95
Wild boar ground, great for stew or burgers Packaging: Comes by the pack, each pack weights 2.5 lbs 
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Premium Butcher Box
Arete Premium Butcher Box $479.95
Great for gifting! This premium butcher box is a step up from our signature box.  Includes: 4 each 14 oz prime strip steaks 4 each 10 oz prime tenderloins 4 each 10 oz wagyu flat iron steaks 2 each 24 oz prime porterhouse chops
Prime Filet Steak
Arete Prime Filet Steak $157.50
Exceptionally tender, our 8 oz USDA Prime Filet Mignon is wet aged for 21 days,hand trimmed and portioned to order. A timeless classic at top-quality steakhouses and fine dining establishment now available directly to your front door. The filet is the most tender cut of beef available, explaining its reputation as a “cut about the rest” Packaging: 4 steaks to an order, cryovaced two steaks to a pack 
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Prime Porterhouse Chop
Arete Prime Porterhouse Chop $89.95
  A staple for many years in the worlds top steakhouses, the 32 oz porterhouse chop is a perfect marriage between the strip steak and filet mignon - separated by a t-shaped bone. Our USDA Prime porterhouse chop is wet aged for 30 days, trimmed and cut to order. Whether you’re the ultimate carnivore tackling this steak alone, or looking for a perfect steak for two, the porterhouse is the ultimate steak eating experience. Packaging: 1 steak to an order, individually cryovaced 
Sliced Bacon
Arete Sliced Bacon $59.95
North Country sliced bacon Packaging: Sliced, comes in 5 lb pack
Stew Beef
Arete Stew Beef $23.95
stew beef chunks, sold in 2 lb incriments
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Tenderloin Whole & Cleaned, choice
Arete Tenderloin Whole & Cleaned, choice $209.95
Whole tenderloin cleaned 4-5 lb each, sold by the each 1 tenderloin per order 
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Veal Porterhouse Chop
Arete Veal Porterhouse Chop $28.95
12 oz each sold by the each
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Veal rack chop
Arete Veal rack chop $35.95
Veal rack chop 16 oz a piece sold by the each
Venison Rack, Imported
Arete Venison Rack, Imported $104.95
Imported from New Zealand, this frenched venison rack has 8 bones and weights 2.5 lbs Packaging: One rack to an order
Wild Boar Rack
Arete Wild Boar Rack $119.95
Wild boar rack - frenched - each rack has 8 bones Packaging: one order includes two 8-bone racks