Ribeye Steak

Product description

If high marbling and flavor is your thing, look no further! Our 12 oz USDA Choice all natural ribeyes are trimmed and cut to order to ensure the freshest product. Considered the steak with the most flavor and marbling, simply grill or sear and enjoy!

Packaging: 4 each 12 oz ribeye steaks to an order, individually cryovaced

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At Arete, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality! The way we are able to do that is through years of experience searching for and working with the best vendors and producers in the industry. Whether it is local family farms or larger commodity companies, we source the best product possible to ensure an amazing eating experience. As our product line varies, so does our sourcing strategy. One thing we are proud of without question is working with companies and farmers who are committed to sustainability and animal welfare. See below for more specific information on our industry partners.

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For over 3 generations we have provided the highest quality cuts to nationwide restaurants across the country, and now deliver those same cuts right to your door.