Ground Turkey
Capital Meat Company Ground Turkey $29.99
Pack of 5# (comes in 1# packets individually cryovaced)
Sold out
Imported  Lamb Rack Chops
Capital Meat Company Imported Lamb Rack Chops $45.50
Size: 14-16 oz per rack Packaging: two 8-bone racks per pack   
Bison Strip Steak
Capital Meat Company Bison Strip Steak $64.99
8 oz each, New Frontier Bison Packaging: 4 steaks to an order, individually cryovaced
Burger Patties
Capital Meat Company Burger Patties $12.00
Arete propriety blend of ground chuck, brisket and short ribs, 80/20 leanto fat ratio provides a juicy, flavorful patty for grill lovers. Packaging: 4 patties to a pack, cryovaced
Filet Medallions
Capital Meat Company Filet Medallions $29.95
  These tender, 2-3 oz filet medallions are cut from the end of a wholetenderloin, similar to a center cut filet. They are perfect for smaller portions, sliders andcook quickly and easily due to their smaller size. Packaging: 2 packs of 4
Cowboy chop
Capital Meat Company Cowboy chop $25.00
18-20 oz each, the cowboy chop, or bone in ribeye, is a steakhouse classic. Known forits high marbling and exceptional flavor profile, sear or grill this. Packaging: sold individually, cryovaced
Capital Meat Company Bratwurst $7.00
4 oz links, Simply Sausage DC Bratwurst blend Packaging: 1 pack includes 4 links, sold by the pack
Capital Meat Company Drumsticks $9.00
chicken drumsticks Packaging: six drumsticks to an order, bulk cryovaced
Flank Steak
Capital Meat Company Flank Steak $12.00
Traditionally used in more international cuisine like French and South American, the flank steak is a thinner, grainier cut of beef similar to a skirt steak. It can be referred to in French cuisine as the “bib” steak, it is best prepared grilled and sliced thin. Although not as tender as some other steaks, the flank packs some serious flavor and is great for holding marinade. Packaging: 1 steak per order, roughly 1 lb per piece
Ground Lamb
Capital Meat Company Ground Lamb $11.95
fresh ground lamb - Packed individually in 1 # packets, please order by the each
Chicken Nuggets
Capital Meat Company Chicken Nuggets $7.50
Bell and Evans chicken air chilled, Antibiotic Free breaded nuggets Packaging: 12 oz Per pack, 1 order = 1 box of nuggets
Buffalo Chicken Meatballs
Capital Meat Company Buffalo Chicken Meatballs $7.99
Bell & Evans  Packaging: 1 box to an order, frozen
Sabatino Tartufi Truffle Hot Sauce
Capital Meat Company Sabatino Tartufi Truffle Hot Sauce $12.50
TRUFFLE HOT SAUCE | salsa piccante al tartufoSabatino Tartufi takes traditional hot sauce, makes it creamier, and infuses it with luxurious black summer truffles. Add a hot truffle kick to everything with this spicyCalabrian chili truffle hot sauce. Drizzle truffle hot sauce onto eggs, wings,burgers, and tacos.