When will I receive my order?

Due to COVID-19, our business days are M-W-F.  Your order will be processed the next business day and delivered the day after. Orders will be shipped fresh in shipping coolers with ice packs via FedEx Overnight. 

How will your deliveries come?

LOCAL DELIVERY: We offer local delivery throughout the DC Metropolitain area. Local delivery is a flat rate of $14.99. If you are eligible for local delivery, you will see an option at check out! 

FEDEX: All other orders will be shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight. When your order leaves our facility, you will receive tracking information via email.

How is it packaged?

Almost everything you purchase from us will come in cryovac seal and smaller quantities. We choose this method so that product that isn't immediately used can be frozen much more efficiently. Please see product descriptions for packaging info. 

Is the product fresh or frozen?

Almost all our products are fresh, with the exception of some of the lamb and bison products. These will all be portrayed in the item description.  Products that are cut fresh will be frozen overnight to ensure the temperature is cool enough by the time you receive them.

Where does it come from?

We work with a variety of sources to make sure we sell the top quality product our industry has to offer. Different products come from different places. Most of our chicken is from Bell and Evans in Pennsylvania and our pork is from Leidy's, also in Pennsylvania. 

Is it Organic?

We do not carry organic products. Almost every product we carry is ABF (anti-biotic free) humanely raised and all natural. In our opinion, Organic is a buzz word that is driven toward retail sales. We focus on sourcing products that are raised properly, have clean ingredients, and taste great on the plate. 

What are your food safety standards?

We operate a fully certified USDA inspected facility and pride ourselves on cleanliness, food safety, and best practices. Our refrigerated trucks will ensure that the product is kept at proper temperatures until delivery.

How long can you leave products fresh?

In most cases, products stay fresh for 4-6 days, however there are variables that effect this, i.e. temperature of a fridge, how often it is being open, etc. We recommend freezing products you know you wont use within 5 days of receiving delivery.