At Arete, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality! The way we are able to do that is through years of experience searching for and working with the best vendors and producers in the industry. Whether it is local family farms or larger commodity companies, we source the best product possible to ensure an amazing eating experience. As our product line varies, so does our sourcing strategy. One thing we are proud of without question is working with companies and farmers who are committed to sustainability and animal welfare. See below for more specific information on our industry partners.


JW Trueth and Sons was established over 100 years ago in Catonsville MD as a processor and purveyor of livestock. They work with and support farmers and livestock communities throughout the Mid Atlantic region and are widely regarded as a leader in Kosher processes. JW Trueth Beef can be found in some of America’s most storied steakhouses and fine dining establishments in DC, New York and Chicago.



Bell and Evans: Bell & Evans is the first company to raise 100% of our flocks without antibiotics—from the egg throughout the chicken’s entire lifespan. They are also one of the few companies to use a 100% air-chilled cooling system, which has several benefits:

      • Better flavor
      • More tender meat
      • No added water or chlorine
      • Reduced human handling

Less environmental waste



Leidys: Leidy’s Premium Meats is proud to partner with local independently-owned family farmers. Our producers are committed to the highest levels of animal care including feeding their animals an all-natural grain diet, while following careful animal guidelines. These family farms provide our farmers with the unique opportunity to be involved in an array of biodiverse agricultural activities including various types of livestock and crops. With a commitment to family and their community, our farm partners follow our same principles and commitment to tradition and quality


Today, we have an extensive line of the finest specialty meats and remain highly committed to quality and service. Broadleaf sources product on a domestic and international level. Our staff prides itself on working closely with the finest farmers to ensure the products we carry meet the highest standard and will pass the review of the most discerning chef. Our products are presented all over the country in some of the finest restaurants, cruise ships and specialized retailers. Our products include Wagyu Beef, New Zealand Cervena Venison, Specialty Game Meats, Lamb, Buffalo, 100% Berkshire (Kurobuta) Pork, Organic & Free Range Products and much more. Broadleaf has a passion for meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations. As you visit our website, please take the time to review our many products and services